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Principals' feedback

Andrej Šušmelj Principal of Nova Gorica Gymnasium

»The Think Tank confronted principals with the challenges of entrepreneurial thinking, even though we're very constrained by the norms and activities in public education. However, such an approach is welcome to develop a mindset that allows for more successful presentation of school activities, fundraising for charitable causes, and last but not least, better communication with students and parents. Due to the shortage in the labour market, this workshop focused on how to attract good personnel to the teaching profession or to work in education.« 

Gabrijela Fidler Principal of Velenje Gymnasium

»It was a very nice experience, in a pleasant, different environment and meeting like-minded teachers. For me it was particularly welcome, the way of thinking "design thinking", that is to think big and to look for solutions together, and again ideas, breadth, ... maybe to really put into practice these insights that we have come to together here, and above all to disseminate similar content in a different environment with colleagues and also to implement it, so that we get as many actively committed colleagues as possible who are willing to steer the ship in this direction.«

Simon Konečnik Principal of Velenje High School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

»The two days in Goriška brda were a great experience for me personally, I learnt something new, new approaches in education, I have been through a lot of it myself.The beautiful weather, the good mood, the experienced lecturers, were the main reasons for a good topic, which I think every head teacher should know, and it should also be implemented in the teaching ranks. But maybe the problem is that it sounds a bit contradictory, because a school is not a business, but there is a bit of a problem in understanding what a business is, what entrepreneurship is and what learning these kinds of skills is.»

Patricija Koler Principal assistant of the School Center Ptuj, School for economics, tourism and agriculture

»We broke the ice at the Think Tank workshop and now we can really start collaborating. I will use the acquired knowledge in my teaching work, and the method is also very useful in managing a teaching team. It is useful for us to become members of start-up teams, as we have experienced first-hand that dealing with challenges and preparing pitches through teamwork is not at all simple.«

Gregor Dovč Principal of Primary School Veliki Gaber

»Agility, meaning fast adaptability, there was a lot of it here, we were challenged a lot and this will be one thing that I will carry with me and use at my everyday work« 

Majda Čengija Principal of Primary School Toneta Pavček Mirna Peč

»I attended the Think Tank workshop to get my own experience of business planning and the process that needs to be carried out to make an idea come true. At the workshop, I realized that in addition to the idea, much more is needed, above all knowledge of the market research and potential customers. In any case, I can use the newly acquired knowledge in my work, because I learned that if something doesn't immediately go according to plan, it is necessary to take a step back, or even to the left or right, to leave the established way of thinking, find a new niche and start the research anew.«

Helena Ocvirk Principal of Primary School Olga Meglič, Ptuj

»Participating in the Think Tank workshop, where we worked as a team in finding and solving the challenge in an entrepreneurial way, was an exceptional personal experience for me. I gained a new insight into how to identify a challenge, a problem and how to tackle it. This workshop gave me knowledge and awareness of how important it is to develop a positive, creative, innovative, and constructive way of thinking in primary school students. All these acquired entrepreneurial skills have a significant impact on students and their further education and life in general. Therefore, I will gladly continue to encourage and support teachers, mentors, and students in their participation in the PoMP project.«