Entrepreneurial sparks among young people

Innovations, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking, and a view of the world – all of these are becoming a part of the lives of increasingly younger children. Every day, new stories emerge about children and teenagers who are changing the entrepreneurial world with their innovative ideas, and it is important for us as a society to notice these sparks and support them.

The world of young entrepreneurs is different. Their challenges are different, they think with fresh perspectives, often without limitations and preconceived assumptions. Their perspective often unveils innovative solutions that older individuals might not have even considered, as they are guided by childlike curiosity and the absence of a fear of failure. Fearlessness contributes to risk-taking, which is often crucial in the swift, significant steps from idea to entrepreneur.

And here is where the aforementioned support from society comes into play, which we build together. As the basic unit – even in the earliest stages – parents can be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and guidance. Their role in shaping a child’s thinking, creativity, and self-confidence can have lasting positive effects on their entrepreneurial journey. Parents can strongly influence a child’s mental patterns in the very early years and, through their own actions, lay the foundation for a future entrepreneur, as the dynamics of the environment in which a child grows up significantly influence their problem-solving and solution-finding mindset. With an open and encouraging environment, parents can spontaneously teach children to think outside the established frameworks and encourage them to seek creative solutions.

As children grow and become part of the educational system, teachers also play a crucial role. By using interactive teaching methods, promoting research work, and encouraging students to ask questions and seek unconventional solutions, they nurture entrepreneurial sparks and help them ignite. Through such actions, they also contribute significantly to independence and self-initiative, as instead of directing students at every step, they encourage their autonomy in seeking information, problem-solving, and project development.

Throughout all of this, we must not overlook the important role that (local) communities play in the development of young entrepreneurs. Through joint efforts, we can create an environment in which young people learn essential skills, gain valuable experiences, and connect with experienced entrepreneurs. Start-up incubators, accelerators established by an increasing number of local communities, play an important role here. While young entrepreneurs used to seek assistance from mentors, workshops, entrepreneurial competitions, and events in various places, today, incubators provide a space, or rather a community, that offers all of the above in one place, comprehensively and with high quality.

So, together, we are building a space where young innovators find support, inspiration, and opportunities to realize their entrepreneurial visions. These sparks bring a bright future, and they will be the foundation of creativity, innovation, and readiness for change. Our common task is to notice them, encourage them, and accompany them on their path to shine.