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Primorski Technology Park

Primorski Technology Park (PTP) is a supportive institution for the development of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. The basic role of the PTP, which acts as a business incubator, is to assist entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in examining market opportunities, developing business ideas and business models, starting and growing a business, and entering the (international) market. PTP organizes various entrepreneurial programs, different knowledge workshops to develop key skills, a mentoring program with successful entrepreneurs (1:1 mentoring), promotional and motivational events and networking events. PTP is the organizer of the national entrepreneurship competition for young people up to 29 years old (POPRI), which was also piloted at international EUSAIR level in 2021

Contact person(s):
Primorski tehnološki park: | 05 393 24 50
Danijela Pavlica: | 05 393 24 50

Address: Mednarodni prehod 6, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici

Technology park Ljubljana

Technology park Ljubljana (TP LJ) is international technology hub where deep tech meets best developing companies and new tech stories are born. Best place and best tech community for best tech companies.

Contact person(s):
Milan Lazarević: | +386 1 620 34 00 | +386 1 620 34 09

Address: Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana

SAŠA inkubator

Saša Incubator is a regional business incubator that creates a supportive environment for the development of entrepreneurship in the Savinjsko-Saleška region. In a unique environment, it offers free advice, mentoring programmes, workshops and social evenings with successful entrepreneurs.

Contact person(s):
Saša Inkubator: | 03 7777 103
Jan Skok: | +386 31 763 102

Address: Šaleška cesta 2a, 3320 Velenje

Development Center Novo Mesto

We have more than 20 years of experience in the development and growth of entrepreneurs and their products through various innovation and entrepreneurial programs. Within the framework of entrepreneurship, we provide entrepreneurial advice, mentoring and training for young p+eople, for beginner entrepreneurs, as well as for established companies. As part of the Novo mesto Development Center, we also run the ScienceJam competition of market-oriented scientific projects, which is intended for schoolchildren and students. We have been carrying out activities for young people since 2011, and we have been training teacher-mentors since 2016.

Contact person(s):
Anja Jakše: | +386 40 587 884
Janez Gorenc: | +386 40 300 253

Address: Podbreznik 15, 8000 Novo mesto

ZRS Bistra Ptuj

SRC Bistra Ptuj is a regional development agency, as well as a research centre and is strongly involved in EU projects. We promote entrepreneurship among schoolchildren with the workshops, where they search for business ideas and develop them into business models. We have been organizing local business competitions for many years and the young startups are encouraged to apply for national and international competitions.
We also offer business incubator programs, coworking and organise workshops for entrepreneurs.

Contact person(s):
Dr. Lidija Tušek: | 02 7480 259, vodja projekta
Robert Novak: | 02 7480 264
Nataša Mršek: | 02 7480 249

Address: Slovenski trg 6, 2250 Ptuj