Branding photography and entrepreneurship

We humans are visual creatures, which is why photography is also of great value in the corporate world. It is at least as important as good text. Photography has an incredible power to communicate a story, create a mood and awaken emotions to capture the viewer’s attention.

And that’s where branding photography comes in.

What is branding photography?

Branding photography is a type of photography that captures and communicates the essence of your brand/product/service. It is a combination of photography and marketing.

What is its use value?

Branding photography is the front line of marketing and advertising (print, online media, packaging, etc.).

The purpose of branding photography:

The purpose of branding photography is to create photographs that show the uniqueness and deep truth within us that people can relate to. It’s all about energy. People see the perfect photo, but they can’t connect with it if there’s no real energy in it.

Ways to create branding photos:

  1. Photos that clearly show what your product/service is.
  2. Photos with a story related to the product/service.
  3. Photos that are useful for announcing workshops, lectures and other events.

Important for branding photography:

  1. You need a specific goal and a clear idea of what will happen with the photos and where and how you will use them.
  2. It is important to know the features of your product/service well so that you can highlight what makes you different
  3. Use the right colours to communicate that it is your service/product without even scrutinising the post.
  4. The choice of the place where you are going to take the photo is important because it is easier to get your message across.
  5. STORYTELLING – the story, the energy, the experience of potential customers who can relate to all of this always makes that click that triggers a purchase.
  6. If you need models for a shoot, choose people with the right energy.
  7. And when you get to the point where you can hire a photographer, do it. Together with him or her, prepare everything from the previous points and cheerfully get to work.

Now – turn the creativity button on and let the branding photos flow like clockwork.