VILIPO International Science Olympiad

VILIPO International Science Olympiad, held May 12-15 in Vilnius, LT, is behind us. What results did it bring for our teams? We remind you that from ScienceJam, two teams with scientific and entrepreneurial projects directly qualified for VILIPO, namely:

  • Super Nano Coat – Advanced superhydrophobic coatings based on modified silica nanoparticles deposited on a glass surface, Gimnazija Vič Ljubljana, mentors: dr. Peter Rodič, Jožef Štefan Institute, and prof. Alenka Mozer, High School Vič
  • Mesocosms – a teaching aid or just a decoration for the windowsill that does not need to be watered, Gymnazija Kranj, mentors: prof. Urša Petrič and Prof. Zdenka Vrbinc, Gymnasium Kranj

Independently of ScienceJam, another project qualified at VILIPO:

  • Lignin Derived Chemicals by Ni/C-assisted lignin depolymerization, Gimnazija Vič, also with mentor prof. Alenka Mozer.

All three teams placed excellently and are the recipients of gold medals! We heartily congratulate all students and mentors!

ScienceJam is financed partly from the funds of the European Union, the contact point EUROPE DIRECT Novo mesto, and partner assistance in the organization is provided by SPIRIT Slovenia: a public agency that provides the prize fund.

For more information, visit the ScienceJam website and our Facebook page, which of course you can like and share.