Introducing entrepreneurship in an interesting way to students

πŸš€πŸŒŸ Introducing entrepreneurship to students in an engaging way can be quite a challenge, but we have an excellent solution for you! Our team has prepared a series of educational materials that will help your students understand the world of entrepreneurship and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

πŸ“š On the POMP Academy platform, we have curated numerous lesson plans and video content on the entrepreneurial process that you can use in your classroom. Through the business canvas, students will learn about the fundamental elements and steps involved in developing a business idea.

πŸ’‘ We will assist you in generating creative ideas and conducting market research, enabling students to grasp the needs of potential customers. Next comes prototyping, planning marketing and sales strategies, as well as understanding the financial aspects of running a business.

🎀 We will prepare students for the crucial pitch, where they can showcase their ideas convincingly. Additionally, they will learn event organization and how to handle finances wisely.

πŸ“ All these resources are available in the free Entrepreneurship Mentors’ Guide prepared by experts who operate within the entrepreneurial support ecosystem and are partners of the POMP project.

πŸ”— Register through the link below and gain access to this valuable guide that will aid you in teaching entrepreneurship: [Β ]

Let’s foster an entrepreneurial mindset among our students together! πŸ’ͺ🌟